Why Buy Title Insurance?

Many title problems can cause the complete or partial loss of your home or property. Even the most careful search of public records will not find every title problem. Because some problems are hidden, your title may appear to be perfect, but may be a bomb getting ready to explode right from under you!

When you buy a home or property, you want to be certain that it is safely yours. Without the protection of title insurance, you’ll be in jeopardy of losing your investment. The title insurer, without any expense to you, will defend you against any attack on the title to your property.

The Walking Corpse….
The homeowner was a widow with seven sons. One of her offspring, the captain of a fishing vessel, had not been heard from for many years. Presumed lost at sea, he was declared legally dead.

When the widow passed away, her six remaining sons inherited her home. It was an attractive house, and they put it on the market at a modest price to facilitate settlement of the estate.

Recognizing a bargain, the Montgomery’s bought the property.

They were delighted with their new home – until the long lost sea captain returned from the dead. it turned out the widow’s missing son had decided years ago to start a new life elsewhere. When the captain eventually returned and found the house had been sold, he promptly filed a claim against the Montgomery’s for his rightful share of the property.

It’s an old story, but a perfect example of how Title Insurance can protect you and your property.