What Happens at Closing?

All Title Services, Inc. will search the records for any problems that “cloud” the title, endangering the ability to sell the property. We look for problems in the recording of easements, court judgments, liens, taxes, etc. We look for the mundane but critical paperwork errors! Per the land title industry information, there may be problems in about one quarter (1/4) of home sales!

Once the loan documents have been prepared, any defects in the title have been cured, any structural issues have been resolved; you’re ready to close escrow. It is a time when all the final papers are signed.

Once the documents are properly signed, we will record the deed, mortgage and other pertinent documents that require recording with the appropriate authority. We will then deliver the “loan package” to the lender, which will include all the executed loan documents. Once the lender has these, they will release their loan proceeds to the escrow agent.

Escrow is very much a person-to-person business with documents and/or monies exchanged between and among the Buyer, Seller, Land Title agency, Lender, County Auditor Office, and other parties.

All Title Services, Inc. is the one who sees that all these exchanges of documents and dollars among the parties go smoothly. After closing, you will receive loan documents, deeds and other documents in the mail.