Choosing an Escrow Agent

Choosing the right land title agency to handle your sale can mean the difference between a smooth, fast closing or a delayed closing with headaches and anguish!

Selecting a land title agent for closing is a choice, which should be made carefully and decided by you the Seller. Why? You will be working closely with this person throughout the entire 45 to 60 day period of your real estate sale process.

Trust All Title Services
You place a value on being treated in a courteous, friendly manner and getting answers to your questions. Home sellers need someone to be patient and understanding when confusing property tax and other escrow issues – past and future – appear suddenly.

We realize that how we handle inquires from you, go over documents, discuss aspects of your closing process and meet your deadlines are what really matters to you! We believe you will find us comfortable to work with.

We will become like your personal secretary, complying with the terms and conditions of your instructions and keep your funds safely deposited in an escrow account. This has always been our mission so you will have peace of mind working with an experienced staff!